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I'm having a problem with jet pack joyride.... I played it for a while last week, bought the instaball gadget and had around 2000 coins in the stash. I didn't play for a few days and when I came back, I only had 975 coins and my purchase had been forgotten... Now no matter what I do in game I always get reset to 975 coins and no purchases... Any ideas what's going on? I've tried uninstalling and installing.. I'm on iOS, iphone 5.

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I did everything right, the installing, the other stuff correctly, but it seems that I can't log in minecraft using magic launcher. The crash info:

*** MagicMinecraftLauncher 1.1.7 ***
LCP: ;/Users/yanqingfeng/Library/Application Support/minecraft/bin/minecraft.jar;bin/jinput.jar;bin/lwjgl.jar;bin/lwjgl_util.jar
MainClass: net.minecraft.client.Minecraft
java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: net.minecraft.client.Minecraft
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Changelog of patch reported:

Smite now deals true damage instead of magic damage.

What does true damage mean and how does it differ from magic/attack damage?

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What are some effective methods for submitting opponents in UFC Undisputed 2010? How do the energy and stamina bar factor into submission attempts? How does charging (clicking and holding the right stick) compare with shining (rotating the right stick)?

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I have a .swf game with me. How do I play it?

  • Though I am able to play the game from the website I downloaded it from, if I open the .swf file in the browser, I just get a grey colored screen.
  • Opening the file in Adobe Flash Player 10 also gives me the same grey screen.
  • I am able to open the file through GOM Player, there is some difference in the...
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I'm sure we all know about the metamagic feat Maximize Spell, which allows you to cast a spell in a slot 3 levels higher in order to "maximize all variable numeric values" like damage, number of targets, etc, but what effect does that have on spells like Prismatic Spray, whose "variable numeric values" change its effects entirely? Would the color roll default to 8, then from there to 7 and 6, or would Maximize simply not have any effect on these spells?

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I had recently gotten into an argument with a fellow player on the subject of how spellbooks work. Specifically, does a Wizard require access to his book in order to cast spells, or just to prepare them? In context we were facing against an enemy party that included a wizard, and the player mentioned suggested trying to shoot the Wizard's spellbook using his bow in order to sunder it and, he assumed, disable all her prepared spells. I and some other players contested that and in the end he...
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Provided your target fails his saving throw, the description of Lesser Geas states that it lasts until the target completes its specified objective or, should the task not have a definite end to it, 1 day per caster level. It does not, however, say that the caster level limit takes priority over the "until goal is met" limit. Could it then be possible to force a target to perform a continuous task for longer than 1 day/level by specifying a duration to perform said task longer than...
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I usually have a solid grip on grappling rules but a recent battle caught me flat footed. Word play aside, a creature with multiple tentacles grappled me from 10' away, and chose to maintain the distance instead of pulling me in.

This brings up several questions in regard to the normal grapple rules, and I'm curious if it's been addressed or if any of you...
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The power description for Rain of Steel says specifically that

Effect: You assume the rain of steel stance. Until the stance ends, any enemy that starts its turn adjacent to you takes 1[W] damage, but only if you’re able to make opportunity attacks.

The description for blindness does not...