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Where does the term "Splat Book" come from?

Roughly a splat book is any book not required to play the system. There is some debate over its exact meaning, but that is not the point of this question.

Usage example: my gaming club has a guideline: "The club will not buy any splat books unless a member pays for half the cost" (Mostly to preserve space).

I've seen speculation along the lines of:

  • Abilities...
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In Vampire: The Requiem you use the lower of your Dexterity or Wits to determine your base defense. Is there is a merit/power/devotion/etc. that allows you to use the higher of the two instead?

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The Basic Rules/PHB say that an Herbalism Kit is required to create potions of healing. However, the crafting rules only allow you to make nonmagical items, and the description under Potion of Healing clearly says that it's a magical substance.

I don't see any feats or class features that allow you to create potions.

How do you use an Herbalism Kit to create a potion of healing?

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The Pathfinder Bleeding Critical feat has the following benefit:

Whenever you score a critical hit with a slashing or piercing weapon, your opponent takes 2d6 points of bleed damage (see Conditions) each round on his turn, in addition to the damage dealt by the critical hit. Bleed damage can be stopped by a DC 15 Heal skill check or through any magical healing. The effects of this feat stack.

(emphasis mine)
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Is there an official sourcebook for the new World of Darkness (not any of the core rulebooks) that elaborates on how humanity remains / is kept ignorant of all the supernatural phenomena that surrounds it? (How is the general "Masquerade" -- not just that of the Vampires' -- held up?)

If not, is there any widely accepted and recommended unofficial...
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In Red Orchestra, it is possible to attach a bayonet to certain rifles. Why is it even an option to not have it attached? Does the bayonet adversly affect the shooting characteristics of the weapon?

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This is the quest where you follow the kids to the two Irish guys having a fist fight out in the Homestead.

What. The. Hell.

I've spent the last 10 minutes trying to get these 2 green bars to the edge of the screen, only for one of the bars to go yellow and zoom back to the middle.

What's the trick to doing this?

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I'm creating a personalized pac-man clone for personal novelty purposes, and I'd like to reproduce the original arcade gameplay as faithfully as possible.

I've read The Pac-Man Dossier, but I don't see anywhere on there exactly how fast pac-man or the ghosts can move.

In several places it is mentioned, "moves...
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I know about this question, but there are several other achievements that you can beat the game without getting

  • Collect all 4 hidden notes in Center 7 - I only found 2
  • Find all three extra ammo cases - I never found any!
  • Help your fellow man - ???

Are there any others? How do you get them?
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Rosalina, from Super Mario Galaxy, how do I unlock her as a playable racer in Mario Kart Wii?