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On Page 126 of the World of Darkness Core rulebook, it defines extended actions, making no reference to exceptional successes.

On page 125 it defines exceptional successes for instant actions.

Throughout many nWoD books there are abilities that are extended actions and have the exceptional success rule.

For years we have been playing and have adopted several different house rulings on it:

  • Total Successes>5 (ie automatic on many rolls)
  • If Final Roll brings over required target number by 5 then it is exceptional (this means best chance of exceptional, on extended action requiring 30 successes is to first roll 29, then roll 6 more)
  • 5 successes on first roll
  • 5 successes on last roll
  • 5 successes on any roll

But surely it is actually officially defined somewhere. It is a fundamental system mechanic

I known in nWoD-2e it is really clear, but I am only interested in nWoD-1e answers.

I'm making a tabletop RPG (with some friends) that we plan to put on Kickstarter. Along with releasing the RPG in electronic form, I would really like to have a printing or publishing service so that we can have print books to put in interested game stores.

However, even with the Kickstarter money, I doubt we would have the money to buy our own book printer, so to make that route possible, finding a service that would print our books for us would be grand. Additionally, I would like a service that would also let us use our own online shop for selling print (and electronic) books. This service may not exist, but if it does, we would love to hear it.

We've looked at DriveThruRPG's print on demand service, which does seem nice, but doesn't seem friendly with the idea of having our own shop. I also looked at Lulu as a printing/publishing service - however, that doesn't seems to be adequate to the format we want our books in.

If someone here can point us to printing/publishing services for tabletop RPGs, please do so.

What does this ability do?
"For the rest of the scene, the werewolf can change a resisted or contested action (WoD Core p130) into an instant action." (Full text at bottom).

It sounds something like a demon ability: Swift Resolution (Demon: The Descent -- Page 178), but more limited. (Obviously we are not talking about nwod-2e, but still perhaps these abilities have the same author or inspiration)

Resisted actions are not defined in WoD core, but presumably it is an ability that is activated like "Roll X+Y - target's Z", and also is non-instant, like either begin explicitly extended ("each roll represents 5 minutes of X"), or explicitly taking a long time: "This ability may be activated after doing X for 5 minutes"

To be clear: what is a Resisted Action, for purposed of this gift

Contest actions are more well defined, and when there are extended (which they can be), then it more or less makes perfect sense.

But there are still some questions:

Does it actually change the time required? Is it now done in 3 seconds? So for example if done to a foot chase -- a extended contested. A single Dex+Athletics roll would me made, either the chased would be caught, or the chaser would give up, in 3 seconds?

Can a extended action be made contested by competing? Rules on page 130 make it sound that way. Eg two people might have a race to carve a garden gnome out of wood. This is now a contested action so the ability can be used?

[Honor 4 ] Shining Example ( Signs Of The Moon -- Page 103 )

Cost: 1 Willpower
Dice Pool: Presence + Occult + Honor
Action: Reflexive
An honorable werewolf can't rest on her laurels. Others have to see her being honest and impartial, putting them ahead of herself, and doing her duty to her pack and her totem. Sometimes, that's hard. Uncovering taint is never easy, but it's worse when she discovers her own alpha is a Bale Hound. Negotiating with a powerful spirit is an exhausting ordeal, but all most people will ever know is that tomorrow is much the same as today. Carrying the flame of truth is hard, especially when it's a truth most people would wish buried. Fortunately, just as the Elunim give Half Moons the ability to channel their honor backed with spiritual power, they empower particularly honorable behavior. A werewolf can use this Gift after performing a notable feat of honor.
Dramatic Failure: The Elunim turn their shadowed faces to the character. Whether they misunderstood her motives or see some flaw of which she is not yet aware, their displeasure is clear. The character loses a point of Essence. Failure: The character fails to impress the spirits.
Success The werewolf's deeds impress the Elunim, showing that she is willing to put everything aside to do what is clearly right. For the rest of the scene, the werewolf can change a resisted or contested action (WoD Core p130) into an instant action. She can do this a number of times equal to her Honor Renown.
Exceptional Success: The character regains two points of Essence in addition to the effects of a success.

I am new to D&D and I'm starting with the 5th edition. I have a question about how many hit points I have for a level. I am confused about the con modifier per level and if it is added to first level.

Let's say my con modifier is +3 and I decide to take 6 instead of rolling the d10 (as a Ranger).

  • Hit Points at 1st level: 10 + Constitution Modifier

  • Hit Points at Higher Levels: 1d10 (or 6) + your Constitution Modifier per ranger level after 1st.

At first level, my HP is 13. OK. That I understand. At the 2nd level is it 6 + 3 (con. modifier) equal to 9, then added to my first level's HP, for a total of 22? Or is it 6 + 3 (con modifier for first level) + 3 (con modifier for second level) equal to 12? Then is this added to the HP from first level?

If you could give me an example of, say, the first 4 levels of a ranger using the numbers I gave you (6 instead of d10 and +3 as a con modifier), that might make it easier to explain.

I've been a Game Master for about 5 years now and I've mantained the same group of players for that long, we're all young gamers (I being the oldest with 22 years old) and since we're not from USA we can tell for sure we're the only roleplayers in town, and there's no place to learn here but Stack Exchange and Forums.

Thru my Game Mastery experience I've played Anima: Beyond Fantasy, Dungeons and Dragons 4e, Pathfinder, Savage Worlds and Fate Accelerated; our favorite and most used system is Savage Worlds, it's our pick to go for 90% of the games we play, we all know the rules and like its simplicity and ease.

However I've always met the same issue regardless of the system: my players would rather play a full interpretative session than a battle. As long as we hit the battleground, they become iddle, focus on how the snacks taste, our school life, or simply stare at how pretty the Sculpey creatures we made are.

I can picture great combats on my head, against larger than life monsters, vehicles, large scale powers, etcetera. But my players just don't focus on enjoying the battle, they just want to end it real quick... and sometimes I get why they're bored with my battle designs and I tell them "Ok let's skip this, beast is dead...".

I don't have enough imagination for scenarios, and my players are too narrow minded; they ALWAYS forget skills are used in battle regardless of the system, so i pretty much lost interest on creating skill based encounters, also, it doesn't matters if I put pools of lava, creeping thorn vines, explosive mushrooms or snow, we all forget about those features and we just stop caring about difficult terrain, traps, etc. Actually they seem to not like those features.

Lately my battles have been taking place in more and more boring environments, and battles get reduced to both sides not moving, shooting or attacking each other without even walking and then we end with a sigh...

The best battle I've ever made (and the only good one) was against a colossal flying armored jellyfish called Gomozoa as they rode a battle airship and tried not to get devoured by the ting or fall to their doom. I don't know how on earth I made it but they pretty much prolonged the battle for the sake of fun since we were incredibly excited. I just can't make that battle happen again, I've tried similar themes but they were as boring as the latest battles and we're still here playing "Final Fantasy: Legends of Sigh".

I know I can attract them to a battle cuz I've done it before.

We're about to start a new game with Savage Worlds, using the "Agents of Oblivion" manual and a homebrew rule that will let them turn into colossal armors for a limited time like in "White Knight Chronicles". It's gonna be about agents of an old order that can enter an alternate world of horrors thru mirrors and water, saving our modern world from creepypasta-like creatures.

I will need all the helo and tips I can to create interesting battles, so, enlighten me :)

I've been trying to help people on Dark Souls 2 with the Iron King boss, but every time I get summoned, when the summoning player enters the mist I immediately get sent back to my world.

Is Iron King a solo-only fight? For what it's worth, I only used the Small White Sign Soapstone so I can get Smooth & Silky Stones. I am level 125, with Soul Memory of 1,984,871, and am playing on NG.

I have fully developed cities in the region with excess workers. I created also residential only city but I have this problem in phase 2 . that Space center halted , No worker 0/300 .

Does anyone have work around this problem ?

Is there a page/wiki shows each items in the game (Hay Day) cost how many diamonds? I am currently trying to figure out the requested items in boat order list worth how many diamonds.

In the Ag Center (went-there-first version), Kathy Lawson wants me to collect an exploding pod, but this doesn't seem to be possible because the left-click action on the pod plants is always to attack it. Using Outdoorsman shows a task possible on the plant, but trying to carry it out does nothing. It is actually possible to collect the pod?